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The Hakama strikes me as the most mystical part of the gi.  It is archaic, connecting us to our Samurai roots. It also creates beautiful lines of movement, making everything look graceful.  Just the act of putting it on, tying first one set of ties, then the other, arranging the pleats, finishing the knot, brings a feeling of groundedness, a sense of process.  The weight of all that fabric attunes us to the feel of gravity, the pull of mother earth.

My hakama enhances my joy in the movements of Aikido technique.  I like to feel it swirl with my spirals and turns.  I have known Aikidoka who enjoyed heavy hakama as anchors to the body, and the earth.

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Product Description

The fabric of your Hakama should delight you and connect you more deeply to the movement of your practice.

Hemp fabrics are weighty, yet soft and flowing, quiet.  Cotton is a bit stiffer, has more snap-pop at the end of your rolls.  Cotton poly blends are lighter, easy to move in, thin and smooth. Fabric availability may vary.  Swatches are always available if you would like to check the hand and color before deciding.

We will email you back with an estimated wait time, which can be anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks, depending on backlog. We will notify you again when your gi ships.

If your have any questions at all, please feel free to eMail or call at 530.307.2220.



// Hemp

— Black : very black and has a slight sheen/shine to it
— Navy : a dark and slightly dull blue with an almost denim-like appearance

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// Cotton

9 oz. canvas
—  Black : slightly dull, like a chalkboard
— Navy
 Royal Blue : fairly bold, not for the faint of heart

9 oz organic cotton duck
— Black :  very dark, blacker than the nonorganic canvas
— Navy : denim

7 oz cotton duck (lighter in weight than the canvas, suitable for hot humid climates)
— Black
— Navy : a nice dark blue without being mistaken for black


// Cotton/Polyester blends

Diversitex, a 50/50 blend
— Black : very dark, a good black
— Navy : very dark, almost indistinguishable from black
— Royal Blue : fairly bold, probably what I have on in the pics

Eco Twill, 65% recycled poly/35% organic cotton
— Black
— Navy
— Royal Blue :  very bold

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Trigger, 65% poly/35% cotton, light weight
— Black
— Navy :  a good dark blue, about half way in between royal and super dark navy
— Royal

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Black, Navy, Royal Blue


Hemp, Cotton Canvas, 9oz, Organic Cotton Duck, 9oz, Cotton Duck, 7oz, Diversitex, Eco Twill, Trigger


Standard, Soft “Aikido”